Heen Studio is a creative consultancy.

Based in Seoul, Korea, Heen Studio offers design, photography and styling services

— available for projects in both Seoul and Shanghai.


흰 스튜디오는 디자인, 사진 및 스타일링 전반의 프로젝트를 진행하는 크리에이티브 컨설턴시로, 서울과 상하이에서 다양한 작업을합니다.



Website Design

From personal portfoilo website to cooperate website, we build website for our customers needs



Brand Identity

We build brand identity to make the brand has more strong stories. Logo design, re-branding project for a shop or a company, stationary kit design and so on.





Show off your products in their best light. For e-commerce, brochures or commercial use, we’ll help you find the right concept and shoot product photos that meet all of your needs.




By setting the perfect atmosphere and lighting, as well as adding the Heen Studio touch, we make every interior space look their best.


Digital Contents  

We understand how important it is to grow your online presence. Grow your social media channels with our quality and engaging content. Projects can include styling, content strategy and videos upon request.



Say cheese! We shoot portraits for professionals and individuals, and can assist you in finding the right concept for your needs.



From food to everyday lifestyle photos, we will provide you with eye-catching shots that meet all your visual needs.





Make memories that last a lifetime, and have us there to capture all of the best moments for your private/company event.


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Interior styling is an essential part of what makes a place appear inviting, or a photo more attractive. We offer our services for both commercial spaces, like hotels and store fronts, as well as private spaces. We find balance in each space, making sure the decor highlights and create an appealing ambiance.


For food styling, we like playing with colors, textures and shapes is our secret weapon and we’ll show you how to make every dish the talk of the town.

We also offer lifestyle styling services to tell stories and visually represent situations by setting the right kind of atmosphere.

Digital contents

Our studio offers styling services for your product or brand to boost its appeal and engagement on social media channels, digital platforms and websites.